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Set dependancy for many devices.

I'd like to set a dependancy for multiple devices, a subnet.  I've read a post that mentions creating a smartgroup with a group and applying the dependancy there.  Unfortunately I can't seem to create the appropriate smart group. My devices use the FQDN for both IP and system name.  When I try and create the smart group using a match for an IP range I get no results returned.  I basically want to add a router as a dependancy for all my monitors

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Hi StipMan--

Did you get this resolved? Let me know.


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My solution was a bit of a hack. 

1) exported the monitors config to XML and retrieved the monitor <id> for the routers

2) exported the groups config to XML

3) used a powershell script to update the <depends> node and added the appropriate ID for the router 

4) imported the XML file back in to ipMonitor

5) all is good in the world again

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