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Level 7

Sending Alerts


I have an ipMonitor 9.0 in a client's site, the port 25 is not available for SMTP. The way to send mails in that network is through the port 465 with SSL. I can configure my Outlook with my company's account, with the same port.

How can I configure the ipMonitor 9.0 to send e-mails through port 465 with SSL?

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Level 9

Any idea of a timeframe for this support?  I'm particularly interested in using port 465 with my Orion alerts. 

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Hi Sgreath--

Unfortunately, we can't give timeframes for feature updates. I'll make sure that the product manager sees this. In the meantime, check out our Advanced Alerts Technical Reference. If might give a workaround.



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Level 18

Currently, it is not possible ipMonitor to send encrypted email alerts over SSL/TLS.    We have this on the list for the next release.   However, you can use the External Process alert action to leverage a script to perform this action.

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