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Reports in IP Monitor

Dear All,

I am little new to entire suite of Solarwinds products. I downloaded IP monitor and installed the same. I can see reports of CPU, MEMORY, etc. are provided. So is there any difference between the reports provided by SAM and IP monitor. Because both gives these kind of reports I believe. Kindly clarify.

Best Regards


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Product Manager
Product Manager

bharath08​ There is not necessarily too much difference as far as the results of the reports, but there is certainly a difference between the two products. Can you get reports on CPU and Memory from ipMonitor or the Server & Application Monitor?  Of course.  More importantly, what is the end goal you are looking to accomplish?  I assume it is not just CPU and Memory Reporting.  Are you new to monitoring or looking to replace an existing product?  What are the must have's and the nice to have features?  Are you looking for just general up/down and performance monitoring or are you looking for something a bit more advanced and to help trend data or predict issues? 



Thanks for your response. I can understand that from reports stand point both applications have similar features. I am looking if there are any major difference between the two products w.r.t. monitoring wise? If yes what is that difference between the two. Not looking to replace any existing products. Just checking about the new application.

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I would still want to start with understanding what is important to you.  This would really help identify what your needs are, and be able to point you in the right direction. 

However, there are certainly massive differences between the two products.  ipMonitor is an application that has been around for well over a decade.  Affordable yet extremely powerful make this a great tool to start with if you are new to monitoring or have tight budgets.  It is a tool that is focused on monitors, and a monitor would be any property you consider important enough to keep track of such as CPU, Memory, Drive Space, bandwidth, even service checks, or simulated user experience monitors.  Quickly obtain results, alert, and report on them. 

The Server and Application Monitor product can do this as well.  However, much of the device information such as CPU, Memory, Hardware health, etc... are just incorporated as part of the node.  SAM also has the concept of Application templates and components.  This allows users to pull back data on virtually anything, and it really just depends on how that information is exposed.  SAM can generate performance data using protocols such as WMI, RPC, or SNMP, but also utilize custom scripts like Perl, PowerShell, VB, and more.  You can return multiple results and have those contribute to overall status.  We have over 1200 templates built out of the box, and even dive into significant details for some of the most used applications with AppInsights.  Trending and forecasting from SAM and the Orion Platform allow for administrators to predict potential areas of concern before they actually become an issue.  Utilize features such as PerfStack which allow you to take any time series metrics and place them on a common timeline to compare and even apply advanced display transforms to identify anomalies.  SAM also allows users to leverage Agents which can provide unique tracking of Application Dependencies.  We automatically map out which app is talking to which server and incorporating other modules such as the Virtualization Manager and Storage Resource Manager can visualize the entire technology stack, helping you to pinpoint whether application issues are really due to the supporting infrastructure.

There is so much more that is difficult to put into a quick response.  I would suggest syncing with an Account Manager and Sales Engineer to go through in more depth if needed.   

I am really glad that you have really explained about the features between two products within a short reply. Thank you very much.

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Bharath the reports should be very similar.  They are both providing data based on polling.

Thanks for the response. So if reports are similar then is there any difference between the way both the applications monitor. Any major difference here?

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