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Level 8

Report Including Group Nodes With Downtime Only

Is there a way to get a group report that will only display the nodes with downtime and leave off nodes with zero downtime?

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Level 9

I was hoping there might be an answer to this one. I'm looking to do a group availability report which shows group uptime/downtime and then lists the downtime events.

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Have you tried the following:

  • Create a new report and pick 'Select Group or Device'
  • Select the group you're interested in.  Note: one of your options here is to actually select 'Down Devices.'
  • Next elect the desired Time and Graph settings
  • Next select the data you're interested in.  'Downtime' and 'Availability' are options here.
  • After the report is created you can add additional Report Cells, and a table of Monitor events is an option here.

Does that get you what you were looking for?


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Actually, i didn't notice until your reply that this was for ipMonitor instead of NPM.

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No worries.  The upside is we're making progress!  🙂

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