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Need help with creating Event Log monitor


I'm trying to create event log monitor for some of our servers but to be honest the interface for the Event log is not very friendly to use and there is no documentation on it.  I have create event log but all I get is the useless email that states the following.That is all there is the email.   I also don't understand the RegEx pattern section. Sorry to vent a little but this is frustrating without any documentation on it.

 System Event Log[eventlog] has new information

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Level 7

Is there no body that can help me createa a Event Log monitor? Who I'm I suppose to call for support on this product then?

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If the community doesn't have an answer for you, you can always create a support ticket and a technician will get back to you soon.

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Ok I guess I will have to then.  I think I have it figured out mostly but still getting some odd alert emails.  The status says "Access Rights are insufficent".

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