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Multiple Dependencies in One Device?

Hi, all.

How does one create multiple dependencies within the context of a single device or group in ipMonitor 10.0.1?  For example, PING represents the obvious dependency for all monitors in an application server.  Next, the application server service (e.g., ColdFusion) depends on the HTTP service.  Both routinely fail, so each has its own monitor with service restart and server reboot recovery alerts.  Needless to say, whenever HTTP fails, ColdFusion alerts soon follow and can result in coincident reboots, depending on how long it takes the server to restart.  Not good.

The only solution I've found is to create a separate sister group for each application server in our farm (ugh).  Each such group identifies only the HTTP service, the application server service and, finally, the dependency.  This is a lot of work and makes for a messy list of groups.

Am I missing something?


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