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Monitors in Wrong Devices

This is a really weird problem, and I have no idea what is causing it.  Lately when I do a discovery scan on certain ranges, the created monitors end up getting put in wrong devices... I have no idea why it is doing this, but when I go look at the device properties, the System Name does not match the device name.  It seems like this is changing (?)...

It's hard to explain but here is a simplified example with made up information.

I do a scan for devices and put in -

I select the monitors I want to use and get a summary of what will be added... let's say the devices resolve to Server1 and Server2.





I finish the process and then I see these monitors in other random devices with completely different names and IP addresses.  The Server1 and Server2 devices were not even created.  Furthermore, the device property name and IP address seem to have changed on the device they actually go into afterwards.  Let's say Server1's monitors go into a SwitchA device that originally had an IP address of but when I look at the properties of SwitchA, it now says the system name is Server1 and the IP shows up as

I even uninstalled ipMonitor, deleted the program files folder, reinstalled and readded the devices.... everything seemed okay for awhile but now it is putting things in the wrong places again.


Edit: I am using the licensed version of ipMonitor 9 build 1236.

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I'm not familiar with this issue and it sounds like something too complex to diagnose in the forum.   Your best bet is to open a support ticket on this one and we'll get to the bottom of it.   If others are experiencing similar issues, please let me know. 

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Thanks for the reply; I've opened a ticket.  Also I found a workable solution for now.  If I rename the device that got overwritten by another device, and delete all the monitors that were in the previous device, I can readd the previous device and monitors.  After that both devices appear to be correct.  I've had to do this five times for the 90 or so devices I've added so far.  It's not a showstopper, just odd.

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