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Maps do not display - cannot delete or create new one

I ahve tried to create a map with just 3 monitors and a background image.

All looks good until i press save - head back to the dashboard and the map is blank with just the monitor 'lines' showing.

Try to edit the map and the map editor just comes up blank without any items, cannot upload a new background or create any new lines etc, monitors dont show up either.

Any suggestions or a fix would be appreciated

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Are you running an evaluation of version 9 or a previous beta version?   Also, would you please post your background image and the exact steps you took that resulted in the bad map?   I'd like to try this in-house to see if I can reproduce.




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Attached is an image of the resultant Map.

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Hi Steve,

I am currently verifying the map issue as we speak.  I am seeing the described behaviour when setting new backgrounds to the map.  I'll keep you posted, and provide any possible resolution.  Thanks for the post!

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 Was there a resolution to this issue? I am currently experiencing the same problems.


Thank you,


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Sorry matt - no resolution, i unfortunately got stuck on more important issues and did not follow up on this.

However i would still like to get it resolved - Now that this post is active again i will follow it.

Can you post your images like i already did above?



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Here is a screenshot of  my map  screen. There are about twenty devices on this particular map. I have another map with only three devices that displays fine.
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 Wrong attachment. My previous post has the attachment of the image that I am trying to use. This post has the map screen attachment.





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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the quick response.

Attached is the image used as the background.

I also noticed that if i click to change the scale size it is set to %NaN 

We are using a full version of IPMonitor Version: 9.0 build 1236

Steps taken are as follows (i have donet his twice just to be sure, deleted and re-created the group also)

Click on the group (3 monitors in group) then click the MAP link

Click Edit Map

Upload background image.

Position Monitors and draw lines between monitors

Assign monitors to lines

At this point everything looks good and its ready to go.

Click Save.

Head back the dashboard for the Group

Map shows up as blank white map with just the 'lines' drawn.

Thanks for the help.




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