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Level 10

Is there a way to change the default monitor settings?

There are 2 things I would like to do.

1.  For a specific monitor alert how can I make it so that any "Drivespace" monitor has the following settings every time a monitor is added? (without doing a mass edit)

    • Within the settings page for the Drive Space Monitor
      • "Maximum Alerts to Send" to 0
      • "Accumulated failures per Alert" to 999999

2. Also how do I set it so that when adding a new device it always select certain monitors by default?  It is so tedious when adding devices to this software...

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Level 13

Hello Brink668,

To your questions:

1. Go to "Configuration -> System setttings" and set the "optional defaults" as needed.

2. When going through the Network Scan wizard or when viewing the Previous Scan results, there is a "Smart Monitor Settings" button/link.  Click this and it will allow you to select what Monitor types and services you wish to add automatically.

Hope this gives you what you need.


Chris Foley

Thanks Chris but this is all I see under options.


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My bad.  I forgot you were asking about changing defaults for Drive Space Monitors specifically.   At this time there is no way to change the defaults for a specific Monitor type.  You can only change the defaults for all Monitors.


Chris Foley