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Level 7

Ipmonitor and Powershell generated page

Hi all, I have a powershell script that generates an html page which i monitor through Ipmonitor. But Ipmonitor seems  to be unable to read the content of the page.

Does someone know  if there is an issue between Ipmonitor and powreshell generated html pages?

Thanks .


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Level 11

Generally speaking any valid HTML webpage should work with our monitors but it is not a specific use case I have seen before. Can you provide more details about what exacly you are seeing?

You may want to take a look at the debug info for the HTML/ASP monitor.

See this KB for info on how to perform that ( you add &debug to end of URL of monitor edit page)

SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Using the Debug Feature to diagnose HTTPS and HTML/ASP Monitor Failures...

Hope this helps!


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