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Level 7


I need the added functionality of Kiwi Syslog from the dashboard view of the Ipmonitor platform.  Hopefully the new software has the ability to call up external websites when creating a dashboard view.

Or better yet add Kiwi Syslog and Viewer as added modules to Ipmonitor.  Throw in the complete Kiwi line and you could start considering Ipmonitor a network monitoring and compliance solution. 

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Level 9

I havent seen any updates for ages. I guess Solarwinds just bought Ipmonitor to promote Orion. "Ah you want do this or that ... you will need Orion, Ipmonitor is not intended to do that".

We will defnitly not renew our subsrciption anymore - why shall we pay for an old product which does not get updated anymore. Btw. there are cheaper or even free products on the market better than Ipmonitor.

It is sad but it happens to all products from Deepmetrix (former owner of Ip Monitor). They developed good software, sold it, the new owner raises fees to get back his money and doesnt care about the customer base. I am curious about Kiwi products. Maybe we will see the same here.


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