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Integrate NotePage Pro with IPmonitor

I have searched these forums for this answer.  I have IPMonitor installed, and have installed Notepage Pro as well.  I have a paging subscription with AT&T and have successfully sent a test message to my cell phone from within NotePage Pro.

I cannot figure out how to integrate NotePage Pro with IPMonitor.  I originally set up an external process as an alert with the following:

Executable Name: NPP.exe

Directory:  C:\Program Files\NotePager Pro

Startup Directory:  C:\Program Files\NotePager Pro

No credentials used.

When I try to perform a "Force Test" from within IPMonitor, I get the following error:

The remote device timed out before sending a response.

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Level 13

This has been resolved by adding /minimized to the command line parameters. 

As Notepager was running in trial mode, npp.exe was triggering a registration splash screen which prevented npp.exe from exiting.

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Have you tried using an ipMonitor credential that has "May be used with Windows Impersonation to start an external process" enabled?

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Also verify you have the correct failure command line configured.  The shortname represents the recipient you have configured within NotePager Pro. Sender is a word of your choosing.

<short name> <sender> <message>

For example I have used the following in the past:

Matt ipMonitor %monitorname% %monitorstatus%

Hope this helps!

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I have entered a valid credential and I did enter the failure command line as you mentioned.  I did a force test and it said it was successful, however I never got the test SMS on my mobile phone.  Any ideas?

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Have you tried running npp.exe from the command line with the same parameters? If that works then I would suggest opening a support case on this so we can help you troubleshoot this offline.

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I don't know how to do that. I know how to use the command line but not with those parameters.

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If I change npp.exe to nppdial.exe, it will start the dialer, so it's sending the command. For some reason it's not communicating with nppdial.exe or somthing in between is happening.

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npp.exe is the correct exe.


You could try something like:

Npp.exe <recipient short name> ipMonitor this is a test message

The most important thing is the recipient and the sender being one word without spaces.  Everything after that should be considered to be the message.

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I ran the test message in the command line and received it via text on my what?  Thanks for your help so far!

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