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Level 7

IPmonitor show blue icon when interface down

Hi everyone,

I'm newbie. I have some questions about ipmonitor.

1. I added device into solarwinds ipmonitor, license 500 monitor. I monitor interface on dashboard. But when interface down, ipmonitor show blue icon instead of red icon. How can I solve this problem?

2. How license ipmonitor consume? I'm confuse.

Please help me!

Thanks & Best Regards,

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Level 15

What type of device have you added to ipMonitor?

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I fixed this issue. Device is Router cisco.

I'm wrong between interface status and bandwith of interface. I used following link:

Now, I can monitor interface status.

Thank you very much!

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Level 15

Please upload a screenshot of what you are seeing.

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Hi Bkyle,

On Dashboard, Interface tunnel is up. when I show tunnel, tunnel is down. I attached two images below.

Please help me to solve it.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Mai Le1.png2.png

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