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IPM 8.x / 9.x does not pick up changes with daylight savings.

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The daylight savings start date changed this year for Australian states. We have many servers based in Australia, and we have found that maintenance is 1 hour late to start. This is causing all our servers to alert.

Our IPM8.5 server is based on the US east coast, and it did not recognize changes to DST even though we patched the server.

I have been working with the Solarwinds support team on this issue and it has been found to be a bug.  It will be addressed in the next service pack for 9.x.  Unfortunately, it appears that no more patches/service packs will be released for 8.x, which means, 8.x is not actually supported.  This is very disapointing for us.

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brock, I  just looked up your case and the associated case in our tracking system and this appears to be resolved in the next release, I will reach out to you offline to discuss further.

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SolarWinds support have reproduced this issue and have logged a bug.  Thankfully the issue only lasted one day (the first day of daylight saving) and then came right after that.  I've asked them to check that they also have the correct rule for when daylight saving ends.

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That's the same problem I've discovered.  I have a case logged (# 86923) which is assigned to Chris Foley.  He's successfully reproduced the problem and has passed it over to the developers for further investigation.

Rgds, Simon

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This is quite disappointing.  I am currently in the process of upgrading to 8.5 to 9.05. 

Can someone at SolarWinds please confirm this and let us know what is going on with IPM and DST changes?

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Thanks Mark.  I appreciate your assistance.

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I got the following email.

"Hi Brock
The Fix is due for release in Ipmonitor version 9.1 .You will need to upgrade to this version for the Fix
We dont release Service packs or fixes for legacy products
I will keep you updated as soon as i hear more on a release date"

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