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IP Monitor - Sending alert to mobile email address failing


I am trying to configure alert to go out to a mobile sms gateway but this doesn't seem to be working. I get the error below upon trying to do a force test

Action Error: The outbound alert message did not reach its destination. The test failed.

Alerts going out to normal email address works fine.

The version of IP Monitor I am running is : 10.6 build 1567

Has anyone seen this issue before?



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Level 8

I am trying to configure this alert  using the email option and using the sms gateway email address for this. I have checked the firewall and nothing seems to be getting blocked. When I send email directly from Outlook to the sms gateway address, it works fine, just not able to make it work from IP Monitor. Currently I am not using any app. Just configuring the sms gateway address to the To address, hoping that it might work, but for some reason it doesn't. Is there any more information logging that I can use to figure out what is happening in the background when this alert is not being sent?

Our IP Monitor server is a virtual machine running on ESXi host, and we don't want to connect any physical modem to it by using comms port. What will be the best way to get sms alert to work in IP Monitor?

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Are you able to relay a message to those addresses from the command line using telnet?

I'd like to get this discussion going again. I have IPmonitor 10.8.2, Build 151. I'm using email to text alerts using the "Send an Email Message To" alert. It was working fine last week and now I get "Action Error: The outbound alert message did not reach its destination. The test failed." The alerts don't work for Verizon ( or US Cellular ( They do still work for TMobile (

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Which alert action are you using?  SMS text alert, or E-mailing a phone?

Plese see pag 200 at 203

i think you need to open port comunication.

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I thought you were using this program to send the sms

SMS Messages Anywhere, at Any Time

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Level 15

What this app u using?

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