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How do you disable alerts on a single monitor in a device?

Hopefully this is a simple question...

I created a new device with a bunch of the default scanned monitors.  An alert rule is set on the group folder so that any device monitors created in this folder will e-mail us 24-7.  So far, it's a pretty standard device setup, I think. 

Unfortunately, the memory usage on this particular device spikes throughout the day and alerts/e-mails our team every time there is a spike.  We would like to disable alerting, but still maintain the monitor to track trends and create reports.

So, my question is -- Is there an easy way to disable alerting for a single monitor within a device? (when alert settings are inherited from a parent group)

Here's my thought process so far:

  • Set "Maximum Alerts to Send" on that monitor to "0" -- However, this doesn't stop an e-mail from telling us that the device is "back up" once every hour.
  • Set the threshold for triggering this Monitor Alert very high -- But this messes up the reports, telling us the device was always up.

I'm new to ipMonitor, but I can't find a good answer in the manual or help menus.  Am I just missing something?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Level 10

How do you have your alerts set up?  If you are alerting by device or group, you could take this device out of the alert group, and only add those monitors you want to alert on. I  do this all the time.

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