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Generic WMI Monitors: Corolating Multiple Counters

Anyone know how to build an alert that will correlate two or more windows counters/mounitors and create a email when the test is positive?

Example: % CPU Utilization > 5 & Processor Queue Length > than 10 = CPU Degradation

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Hi Byron,

This type of alert where values are correlated and evaluated against a constant are not possible in ipMonitor.

Craig McDonald | Director of Product Management – Systems & Applications Management

SolarWinds | IT Management, Inspired By You

office: 512.874.3480 | cell: 512.585.3271

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Thank you for the clarification.

Any merit in considering this functionality in the future?


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I'd be remiss in not being completely honest with you; it's highly unlikely we'd implement something like this in ipMonitor.  Functionality like this is something more suited for the Orion products.  I say this knowing full well it's not the answer you're looking for, but "it is what it is."


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Honesty always works for me, e.g. it is what it is (;->)

I’m having problems getting alerts from a Generic Monitor I set up.

Since this is an evaluation license who can I call for Technical Support?

Next week we make the decision to move the effort from ‘evaluation’ to a formal ‘POC.’

Who do we contact to extend the trial license to 60 days for 10 servers to monitor?

Thank you,


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If you contact Sales they should be able to get you an extension key, as well as have an SE engage you to help with your monitor configuration.  Let me know if you have any trouble getting the key or an SE and I can get you to the right folks.

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