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GSM Modem

Hi All,

 We have a siemens mc35 modem attached to a server which is running IPM 8.5. We tested the modem, it worked fine, sent some force tests from IPM, they were fine, it's been running for over a week, and even alerted us out of hours when we had a fault.

 Yesterday, our external line went down, but it did not alert us. Checking the logs, it fault was logged, but we received no SMS alert. I've just done a force test, and the I get the following error:

"Modem doesn't have / receive the correct PIN"

It does seem to me like a GSM network message, but I have no idea what it is! The SIM does not have a PIN on it, and nothing has been changed since it was installed over a week ago.

 Does anyone have any ideas?



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