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Level 7

External Web Access


I have tried absolutely everything but I cannot seem to get it to accept external connections to the web interface.

On it cannot see the service on port 443

I have installed and unistalled IIS. Reinstalled the product

I am on a trial license - I do not know if that makes a difference

The box it is on is windows 2008 and has a non-NATed public IP address

I can access it on and its (public) IP address when logged on locally but not externally

I can see the HTTPS requests coming through on the firewall - but there is no reply

I can ping and rdp to the box and see the Default website on port 80 when I had IIS installed.

All ports are open inbound.




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Level 13


Please open a support ticket and select "ipMonitor Evaluation" for the Solarwinds Application field. Someone will get back to you shortly to help you work through your issue.

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