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Device/Monitor creation feature requests

Here are a few feature requests that I think would make new monitor/device creation much more efficient.

1.  The ability to choose a custom naming scheme for monitors during device creation would be nice.  The three options available are good, but don't always fit into our naming scheme.  For instance, if the reverse DNS isn't found or doesn't match the device name, I'd like to be able to enter/format the name of the device and monitors right there.  I know you can edit the device name, but it doesn't work, so maybe this is a bug.  As it is, I need to go into each device after it is created, change the name of the device to what I want, then Mass Edit all the monitors it creates to match what my device name is.

2.  Create a Timing Settings template system.  I have different timing settings for different types of monitors.  For my router's ping monitors, they are pretty aggressive.  For monitoring my customer's circuits, they are less aggressive.  For non-ping monitors that are attached to a device, such as fans, disk space, and service, they are even less aggressive.  All this is done for dependencies.  If you could choose during device creation which timing setting you want for each type of monitor, this would prevent having to go back and remember or find the different timing settings for each monitor you just added and change it with Mass Edit.

3.  Add the ability to choose a group under which a new device should be a member.  I'd much prefer this than the current process of choosing an alert during device creation, but that's just me.  We alert based upon group, so a new alert is never created when a device is added.

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