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Custom temperature monitors?

Ok, so here is the deal.  We have some PowerWare UPS units and they have an extra external ambient air temperature/humidity probe that plugs into the PowerWare SNMP card.  When I scan the UPS for things to monitor it only shows up with the internal temperature probe for the UPS and not the external probe.

 Now I know the values are exposed via SNMP since I did a walk and found this, which matches up to the values found in the PowerWare management page:

OID: .

Name: xupsEnvRemoteTemp.0

Value: 23         (which is the temperature in Celcius)

So, what I am wondering is if I can get ipmonitor to create a temperature monitor that uses the values from that OID or if I can some how get ipmonitor to automatically pickup these sensors when it scans a UPS.

Oh, and by the way, when I got to Monitors->Add->Add New Monitor  the "Add New Monitor" option is all grayed out, I figured that might be where I could possibly do this, but it seems inaccessible for some reason.

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Just thought I'd quickly touch on your temperature question.  ipMonitor currently supports APC UPS Internal temperature and APC SmartSlot environmental devices.  We cannot auto-detect custom SNMP monitors at this time and is on our current feature request list. I've also added a feature request to directly support PowerWare devices.

You can use the SNMP Monitor Wizard to monitor your temperature, however it will only report the raw value.  You can access the SNMP Monitor Wizard from the Monitor List ( Add New Monitor is available only when inside a Device ) or you can go to the Configuration Tab and select SNMP Monitor Wizard.

Let me know how it goes!

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 Yeah, I got some sort of generic monitor setup, and I think it was they way you explained.  I just really wanted to see if I could get it to show up with an actual temperature monitor, with the conversion to Fahrenheit and nice little temperature graphic.

 So, on another note, do you have any clue as to why the "Add New Monitor" button is grayed out?


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The reason that the Add New Monitor is grayed out is due to your location in the tree.  In order to add monitors you need to be in a device.  Select the All Managed Devices in the tree, then select a device.  Once inside the device you will be able to add a new monitor. 🙂 

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Awesome!  I guess I'm still getting used to the new interface of ipmonitor 9.


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