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Can Solarwinds (IPMONITOR) work with Mongo DB ?

We would like to know if Solarwinds (IPMONITOR) is capable of working with Mango DB to monitor alerts ?. We have been using Oracle DB for such a long time, but going forward, the application team have decided to move to Mongo DB, Please confirm if IPmonitor is versatile enough to work with MongoDB ?. If you guys already have any article, Please share the URL across. Thanks.

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See here . in page 162, requisits DB, not List Mongo, but lis "other"

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Thanks a lot for sharing the guide and reply, Will try to dig deep to get to the bottom of this. Will keep you guys posted. Thanks.

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Please let us know exactly what you would like to do.

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We would like to monitor application running on mongodb using query.  Sharing the existing alert querying an Oracle DB. Similarly, We would like to know if we can select MongDB instead of Oracle (Oracle driver) as Database type, provide the data source and SQL statement to run it against the mongo DB and get a result from the query?.

Database Type: Oracle (Oracle Driver )

Credentials: <>

Set Database connection parameters


Data source= Tns file name

Sql statement: select instance_name, ***

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