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Baffled by the Microsoft Windows "smart monitor"

The newish Windows monitor that collects multiple data points has some very helpful stuff I want to monitor. Two of my servers I'm testing it with are alerting me at night about Pages per Second and Read Bytes per Second.

When I get the pages it names the category that caused the alert BUT it doesn't list the values that triggered the alert. Unlike every other alert in the system I can't follow up false ones by tuning the level. I'm just stuck guessing and setting the level higher and higher until I get fewer falses.

I suppose I can throw Perfmon at the problem for a week and then tune it but when I'm reading these pages on my phone at dinner I'd love to know the difference between 1% over my current setting and 2000% over it. 😉

Also, in a related note, when I run reports on those monitors all I get the uptime statistics, not any helpful data graphs.

Am I missing some configuration that would make all this work or are these combo monitors just not worth my time? (and in that case, are there plans to get individual monitors for these items that I can use?)

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