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Alerting and Viewing SNMP Traps

So, after looking through the community and the documentation it looks like I have successfully setup an SNMP Trap monitor. The snmptrap log file has successful traps. Now I want to be able to view those traps through the interface and alert based on linkstatus (up/down) of an interface. Basically, just send an email when I get certain traps.

Bonus points for instructions on changing the log file location.


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Here is an older link that will explain content generators, and provides variables for the different types of generators:

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Garrett have you set up the Analysis of Test Results section in the trap monitor?  You will also want to set up a content generator. This is where you will actually trigger an alert.

No, I was under the impression that enabling that would determine which traps got accepted or rejected. With that disabled I assumed it would allow any trap. The log file showed that the traps are being accepted so I thought I was good there.

I also didn't really understand what the content generator was. So I assume there is a way to set up additional content generators for email?

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