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Alert error code

Hi, I'm new to IPmonitor and have a question.  I have been evaluating the version 9 software. I have been impressed. I do have an alert that I don't seem to know what it means. The alert comes from multiple monitors and just says the following:

A security package specific error occurred; oserror: 0x80070721

 Does anyone know what that means?

 I checked the event logs on the server in question and didn't seee any errors for that time of ocurrance.

 Thanks in Advance.

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Level 17

 The following should resolve the issue:

1. Login to the ipMonitor web interface.
2. On the top navigation menu, click "Configuration" and select "System Settings"
3. Click the "Global Behavior Modifiers" button at the top of System Settings.
4. Click the "Add..." button and enter the following "Modifier Name" and "Value" respectively.

Behavior Modifier Name: Monitoring.wmi.extern.retry.duration
Behavior Modifier Value: 400

5. Click OK
6. Restart the ipMonitorSrv service.

Let us know if this helps

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Ok, I'll give that a try.. Thanks

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I tried the steps in the knowledge base but I am still getting this problem intermitently.


I have 9 monitors for Event Logs that look at 3 servers (each server has 3 monitors). On one of the servers everything appears to be working, and on the other two servers 2 of the three monitors get this error "A security package specific error occurred; oserror: 0x80070721"


Any ideas?

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Have you installed the ipMonitor 9.0.1 update? This update addresses most of the 0x80070721 issues.

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I'd love to, unfortunately our service contract ran out a bout a year ago...

 Guess its time to call sales and figure out what kind of deal they'll make us.


Thanks for the help.

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