Blue Flame Tee on Thwack store only showing XXXL size

Hello.  Will there there be an XL size of the Blue Flame Tee on the Thwack Shop soon?  Or is this a glitch?

Thank you.

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I see they brought back the other sizes!  Thank you!!

It only shows the sizes available in stock, after I ordered an XL, the XL was then not available.

I assume they only had one XL in stock.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Right this very minute, I have 13 XL blue flame shirts in stock - if you're still having trouble purchasing, let me know

Thank you very much!   I see they have additional sizes showing in the store.   I appreciate your assistance!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Don!

They are out of stock right now, but will be restocked soon! Keep an eye out


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Thank you for the info!

I assume the other sizes are just sold out, but it doesn't say "out of stock: S, M, etc." like the other items do. I'd really like an XL blue flame tee!