PASS Summit 2017 - First Experience!

Good morning all from Indiana,

*STOP AND READ* - If you aren't a database or data focused professional, the below may be boring!

I recently attended my first PASS Summit this past week and got to meet so many special people with all different types of skills and experience. With almost 4000 data professionals and 50+ vendors joining the conference, it was almost overwhelming trying to meet as many people and vendors as a single person possibly could. Its almost surprising to me how nice everyone is and how each data professional is willing to meet you, hear your story and help with any issues you might have. #SQLFamily is truly a thing and if you're lucky enough, you'll be apart of it! I'll need to create my twitter to join the family! Attending the pre-conference sessions is definitely worth its wait in gold! Itzik Ben-Gan and David Klee have such a deep understanding of SQL and VMware its such an amazing experience to learn and hear their point of views.

For you thwacksters..........I almost got the chance to play the "SysADMANIA" game, below is a picture of the gameboard, but I didnt get the chance since i went off and played Stratego when a game was going on. The SysADMANIA board game looked really fun, below is a picture of BRAD causing issues

Thwack board game.jpg

All in all, PASS Summit 2017 was an amazing experience and I STRONGLY recommend anyone to attend. I met many other data professional and i hope to keep in touch not only to network, but to learn as much as possible!

Please leave any comments if you were there as well! I'td be great to talk to others and learn more!

-Alex Trepes