Re: APM4 RC experiences

One of the things I would have liked to have seen in this release is the ability to set more common items to a list of components with in a template of during the creation of a new monitor.  Here is a perfect example.  We monitor multiple Oracle servers and multiple databases on each server.  now one of the templates contains the default port 1521 to connect when polling.  Now when we apply this template to the next server or applying the template to the same server and we want to use a different port number, we have to go into each component to change the port number.  So the template works well for the servers using 1521, but when we need to monitor 1522, 1523 or so one, it would be nice to have the option to apply the setting like that of the credentials..  The same could be said for the SID  / Service_name.

Something else that would be nice is that on the Application Health Overview pie chart window, it would be nice to have the list below the chart like that of the EOC's version of the same window where at a click you can expand the group to see what app is in warning and what one is critical and what one is unmanaged, etc..

Additionally, the All Applications section, it would be nice to leverage the groups and filter on applications assigned to groups and give the option of grouping the All Applications by the group association.

Now that you are deep diving into vCenter server monitoring, is it possible to somehow monitor the transactions of vCenter?  So like the DSR moves a server from esx1 to esx2, is there a way that APM can track these?

Also how about if I am an orion admin, let there be a custom menu built for the admin for the APM tab. I can o it myself but it would be nice if I didn't.

Also how about when applying the app to a node, instead of constantly scrolling down in the long list of new-snmp nodes, why can't we do a find at that point and filter, like that of applying nodes to groups in NPM.

I do not want to delay the APM GA release, really I do not, I am hoping this goes out the door soon, but these are just a few items that I wanted to see but did not.

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