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When the End Users do it!

I realize pride comes before the fall, but in my experience, it's mostly the end users that cause the most heartache and late nights and weekends.

Years ago I was working for a company that was growing very quickly and buying up other companies left and right. I was employee #475 of which quickly became a company of 1200+.

In the takeovers, Exchange was already in place and therefore just migrated into the existing company which gave us 9 exchange sites.

One day, after an almost full day of work, our finance department head comes running into our IT department looking for our manager. They frantically explain that one of their employees just sent out an e-mail to the "Company-All" distro with an Excel spreadsheet attached to it that has a list of all the employees and the charge code for their department.

Finance Department Head: "You have to send an e-mail out telling everyone not to open it. It has a virus!"

My Manager: "According to our Anti-Virus package, no it doesn't."

Finance Department Head: "Okay, we screwed up. Our guy sent out this spreadsheet that has the charge codes, but he was working off a master workbook that contains a hidden sheet that has everyone's salary in it, including the CEO. Everyone in the company now has that e-mail and if they un-hide the sheet, they will know."

My manager: "That's a pretty big mistake"

Finance Department Head: "Yes, what can we do about it?"

My manager: "We'll take care of it, but your guy owes my guy lunch."

So I was told to go home and work all night, using Ex-Merge to remove all instances of the message from all 9 exchange servers. Took me over 8 hours.

No, the guy never took me to lunch....and yes, he made more money than me!