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The data base server and the cooler...

          Well I lived many funny stories along these 10 years working in IT,
But I confess that even laugh, just after the problem is solved.  I was supervisor of IT from a medical school the database server always
It stops time for greater access and at that time I did not know of the existence of  SolarWids to help me hehehehehehe.

         Talking to my boss, I told him that I needed to stop the database server  and gives a general maintenance, open the machine to know what was happening
Then she gave me 40 mints to service was all this time I had to diagnose, identify and correct  At the moment I thanked God it was a unique opportunity to solve
and people stop complaining about crashes. To my surprise, when I opened the server saw that it was hardware.

        The cooler is broken on the processor and cooled only 50% of its lengthThis adding to the dryness of the ointment ends contributed enough for the moment people to access the system via the web it seems...Today I chuckle when I remember the image of the broken cooler, but to get to 40 mints  solve the problem it was very annoying.

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Level 14

Re: The data base server and the cooler...

A day in the life of an IT pro....

Level 21

Re: The data base server and the cooler...

Reminds me of the days when one would have to replace CPU's or other IC's, needing to first spread the white heat sink transfer ointment onto the chip to ensure best heat transfer when installing the heat sink on top of it.


Level 17

Re: The data base server and the cooler...

But not too much....