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The Search for Data - SolvedIT III (Wrath of Ron Continuance)

"I think we lost the..." Spark quivered.

"MY DATABASE IS GONE!" Expelled from Ron's belly in a massive blaze as the calm suddenly left the room with these four words swirling around Sparks head. "What did you do?" Ron followed.

"I...I, thi..I think a new install, e..erased the database from the server" Spark stumbled.

Ron stared back with a blank look for what seemed like an eternity to Spark before answering, "Why?, This will take me a week to rebuild."

Spark stood there frozen caught in the crossfire of his own incumber and Ron's rhetoric.

Guy spoke up from from just inside the doorway, "I started backing up that server a couple of weeks ago and found more tapes this week so we started rotating them. The logs show successful back ups for the entire week."

The three feet of distance left Spark feeling so isolated he had forgotten Guy was standing only a few feet away. Unbeknownst to anyone Guy had managed to slip away amidst the chaos and verify the backups through log checking on the server. What was an even greater feat was that nobody saw this happen or even saw Guy dawn his cape. After all the server room in an 18 x 10 Glass Case. So exposed that anytime Guy or Spark were seen in the "server room" someone had to make a comment about them actually working.

Sparks eye's lit up, and there under the distress in his face was a hint of something slightly less than the hopelessness that had consumed him. "Let's get on it!" Spark said nervously.

Guy and Spark whisk to the "Server Room" and review the tape labellings. Spark expressing his gratitude to Guy along the way for being on his A Game! Guy accepts the appreciation humbly but still in the back of his mind can't help but wonder if Spark will ever have the mindset to become and IT Pro or if he is stuck in The Realm of being the "Computer Guy". Spark will have to slow his clicks before he can obtain that prestigious of a title.

They get to the server room and start reviewing the situation. This is an old tape drive, and these are all used tapes. It could be a crape shoot, or Spark may just have a job tomorrow!

Hours go by after starting the process, a tape fails just after halfway. Another attempt with slightly adjusted parameters is able to retrieve all the data, but there seem to be some indexes missing.

Several calls to Ron along the way confirm progress. There seems to be a light far in the distance which may offer a way out of this grim scenario. Three tapes later and another call to Ron to begin fully 'checking things' Spark and Guy take a deep breath stand on their toes and hope for the best.

"You really saved us Guy!" Spark exclaims.

"US!?! This one's on you man, but if this goes well we'll keep it between us." Guy replies.

"I can accept that, thanks. I owe you." Spark consoles.

Guy whips out the updated documentation for the M2M install process. "Here, I even updated the documentation for the install already!"

Spark laughs as Guy exposes the middle page of what was once a 1 page document. Now 3 pages, the middle sheet is RED BOLD TEXT with a screenshot of the option that Spark wrongly selected.

The second half of the page is a clear explanation of what happens when the wrong option is selected. There was a small amount of view rebuilding that was needed to be done by Ron, but in the end only 2 orders were not restored and there was a paper trail to fix that issue.

Spark was reduced to part time after this event, and tasked with the process of "documentation". Guy was given the day to day tasks to manage and he continued to be the grease to the gears that kept things running.

Every so often Guy catches Ron with a spare minute and when the room falls silent they just Chuckle over the history between these two IT Pro's. Other times in passing Ron just gives a solid wink and a touch of the nose in homage to Guy.

After all, it was Guy and his cape that Saved their Bacon so they ALL Could Live to Fight Another Day!






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Level 17

Re: The Search for Data - SolvedIT III (Wrath of Ron Continuance)

First installment of the story is

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Level 17

Re: The Search for Data - SolvedIT III (Wrath of Ron Continuance)

Edited for Adult Content... It's not really a food reference, just my workaround.

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Re: The Search for Data - SolvedIT III (Wrath of Ron Continuance)

Love it! Upvoted, sir.

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Re: The Search for Data - SolvedIT III (Wrath of Ron Continuance)

Thank You!

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Re: The Search for Data - SolvedIT III (Wrath of Ron Continuance)