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Level 13

High and dry on the seventh floor

It rained so hard that storm drains could not keep up, and the the creek they emptied into went way above its banks so the water started coming back up threw the storm drains.

Result was major flooding of the area surrounding our Chicago office. All the utilities went out. As some of our employees described it the dock area was completely under water and all the trash dumpsters were floating.

So we had to drive three hours from our Headquarters in Iowa to the Chicago office in a rental cargo van. Climb the stairs to the seventh floor, in the dark, with no air conditioning. Unrack the servers and the storage array. Carry those down the same stairwell now lit with work lights. Load the van and drive back. Rack the equipment in a small office half rack and power them back up.

The way we planned the network routing and subnetting the Chicago office magically appeared on the infrastructure hosted here in Iowa. All the folks in the Chicago office working on short deadline materials simply came to Iowa for a few weeks and the rest could VPN into corporate and continue to work as usually. So their data was just down for the day it took us to physically move the equipment.

Months later when it all dried out and the repairs had been done to the building, we simply packed it all up very early one morning, drove out to Chicago, and used a cart and the elevator to get it all back on the 7th floor by lunch time. We were lucky to be on the seventh floor high and dry. From what we saw of the bank on the first floor and the basement of the building it was a mess to clean up.