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Level 15

Connector the solution of the problem.

I worked at a medical school in 2006 when it happened.
It was a 9 in the morning and there was a reform in the field of forgiveness room where worked
a computer lab, and students could make access to sites of it
research and could not get access to all.
A tractor made an excavation in the laboratory and field .... broke the otica fiber internet sent there.
I immediately questioned what the redundancy of this fiber? Did not have.
So I needed at least 80 meters of UTP cable to connect the switches in the network management area and the lab ..
.... But I had two cables that together give a 100 mts ...
I grabbed a connector redid the ends of the cables plugged in and switches ... after 3 hours everything was working. And to this day not replaced the fiber   rsrsrsrsrsssrsrs 

   Solution of the problem.