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Known IRL:

  • Briana Bienkowski - But a lot of people call me Bree

Explain your THWACK handle:

  • brianab - Pretty simple my first name and last initial - I would love to change it though.

One show you'd resurrect from the dustbin:

  • Terra Nova
    • I mean come on a TV where people from the future TIME TRAVEL back to the past and live with dinosaurs. Tell me what could be better?
  • Surface
    • A TV Show about a teenager and his new friend a sea creature. It was so cute and pure.

At least one (non-tech) thing do you do to relax:

  • Read WebToons
    • Basically Comics but on my phone and free
  • Cosplay (Yes I am a huge Nerd)
    • Although this is not relaxing ALL the time - it is something that brings me a LOT of joy and happiness.
  • Video Games
    • I am not a huge gamer but I do have a PS4 and some great games. Recently started to relive my childhood and playing Spyro Remastered

Life highlight from the past 3-6 months:

  • I went to Mexico last year and it was great. My first time at an all inclusive resort. I just sat on the beach and drank yummy fresh fruit smoothies. It was amazing to do nothing for a week.
  • Going to my first conference ever! Seriously SWUG was my first conference and it was a BLAST. I had so much fun.

What you'd like to get out of this group:

  • A safe place to ask questions where I dont feel like I am being judge for asking "Stupid Questions"
  • Hear peoples stories. At the conference hearing all your stories really inspired me to strive to be my best self and to not back down from something just because I feel intimidated. I am still new to my position and a lot of the times I feel like I lack some knowledge but I wont be set aside. I will work my butt off and show them I can be just as smart (Or even smarter) than others here
  • I want to empower each other - when one of us gets one of those paper-cuts I want them to be told "They are wrong" or "You are so much more" I strive to make anyone's day more positive and is a huge topic for me. I want to inspire others!