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Known IRL:

  • Ashley Warren. My position at the Tire Rack is... well I can't remember my actual title, but the implied title for myself is "IT Infrastructure Analyst".

Explain your THWACK handle:

  • abby.warren: My Tire Rack name followed by my last name. Pretty generically business professional.

One show you'd resurrect from the dustbin:

  • The Cobert Report. I know he is still on TV, but I liked the fictional Stephen Cobert, not so much his real self.

At least one (non-tech) thing you do to relax:

  • Since kids came along, I have a hard time remembering what I do to relax. I spend so much time to their needs and all the tidying. The 2 year old uses his words to constantly ask me to pay attention to him and the 7 month old has figured out that cat food has a flavor. I do occasionally watch Greek with my BFF after the kids go to bed. I was never in a sorority, so its fun to see how it might have been like.

Life highlight from the past 3-6 months:

  • I got to sleep a full night thanks to SWUG last week. No baby monitor, no crying/feeding at 2am, no crazy early obligations.
  • Seeing our baby go from rolling around to crawling.
  • Having my BFF move in with us. She needed a change, so I told her she is always welcome at our place. I don't have to go very far to have someone to hang out with.

What you'd like to get out of this group:

  • Feeling like I'm not so alone in the world of IT. My co-workers mostly do their own thing and the people above me ask very little of what I am doing in/out of work.
  • Learn more about what other people in IT do. I do not know anyone outside of work that does IT, so it will be nifty to hear about what goes on.