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Hi, all!

DanielleH I'm available to dispose of any leftovers from your cooking adventures.

Known IRL:

  • Abigail Norman. In my SolarWinds life I lead product marketing for our network management portfolio.

Explain your THWACK handle:

  • ams.norman -- It's straightforward. My pre-married last name was Smith, and my initials were AMS. So ... ams.norman

One show you'd resurrect from the dustbin:

  • The Newsroom. I'm a sucker for Aaron Sorkin dialogue

At least one (non-tech) thing you do to relax:

  • My weekly dream is to find a few minutes one of the weekend mornings to sit in a chair with a book and a hot cup of coffee. It doesn't happen as much as I would like. I have a 3 year old and a lot of family nearby -- these are both blessings, but also mean we don't leave a lot of time for "relaxing" -- weekends are often spent running my daughter to dance class, watching a nephew or niece's tennis match or soccer game, going to Pilates class with my sister, visiting at my parents' house, or some other adventure. I can't tell you any of the hip spots in Austin, but I can give you a review of all the restaurants with playground. As an alternative to the book-and-coffee combo, I'll find alone time and a little exercise by going for a run a few mornings a week.

Life highlight from the past 3-6 months:

  • It was a pretty great Summer of travel. I got to do two different Florida beach trips (Rosemary Beach and Captiva Island, my special place), travel back to my hometown (Athens, Georgia area) twice for weddings, and visit my brother and his family (Raleigh, NC) and watch our children play together. Then see all your beautiful faces in Chicago! We also screened in our back porch and can now enjoy the cooler weather mosquito-free. w00t.

What you'd like to get out of this group:

I want to help amplify your voices. There are a million things that I can say here -- representation matters. Diversity matters. Hearing more voices than what has traditionally been in the room matters. There is a lot of work to be done, but one thing I can do is to help make space for your voices to be heard. You don't have to talk more if you don't want to. You aren't required to carry the burden of representing an entire group instead of just yourself. But when you want to talk, I can help amplify your voice, and I can encourage others to listen.

I think Julie Pagano was the one who popularized the  "death by a thousand papercuts" phrasing back in 2013, but the problem still exists and I'm sure we all have our stories to share. I want this space to be here for people who experience a "papercut," and need to tell someone who will commiserate instead of dismissing it. I want this space to be here for people who have a success story they want to share. I want us to be here to cheer each other on and lift each other up. I want this space to be here to talk about how we can find our allies and educate them in how to help us. And I want this space to be the starting place for how we find a way to reach out and welcome anyone else who may feel marginalized or unwelcome or just unique in the space who are looking for a supportive home.