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Would like the ability to "de-escalate" a ticket

Would like the ability to "de-escalate" a ticket

We enjoy the feature of not allowing tickets to be reassigned to techs outside the level the ticket is currently on. Sometimes, however, we run into tickets where the ticket has either been accidentally escalated a ticket too high, or needs to be sent back to a tech on a lower level for corrections. Currently the only way to do this is to change the request type away from what the ticket is for, and set it back; this causes the ticket to revert to level 1. It would be nice to have a button to de-escalate a ticket down from the level you are at to a lower level.

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Level 9

This is definitely a feature we could use as well!!

Level 14

According to the release notes this feature should be implemented in the 12.1 Release.

Level 10

I would welcome this for sure!

li-migration Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented