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Service Time Blocks per Company in addition to Location

Service Time Blocks per Company in addition to Location

In our business setup we have clients buying Service Time Blocks at a company level that can include multiple location.  Today WHD only does blocks at the location level, so we can't accurately track a 50 hour block that Company A purchases if they have multiple locations without defeating the entire purpose of the Company/Location structure.  I'm sure it works at the location level for some people so don't take that way, but allow me to also track them starting at the Company level and tickets against multiple locations all eat out of the same block for that company.

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Level 7

I have had to create a false "administrative" location to bill against, but that defeats the purpose of site-based reports.  Feature request "me too."

Level 8

I had the same issue with my set up as well so I was forced to simply disable the 'company' and set up all my clients as 'locations'. But of course this means that I simply ignore the sites with multiple locations and log them against the company as a whole.

Level 9

Can any of you guys tell me how or when does work time deduction occurs on the service time block assigned to a location? I have set-up an evaluation to test this feature and even when it is configured as the documentation states, I create a ticket, add a note with work time defined, save it,  and the displayed service time available under on that location doesn't change (neither the one displayed when a tech is opening a new ticket, or the one displayed on the service time blocks definition on Locations-><selected location>-> Service Time Blocks). Does it take place every "x" time period? when the ticket status changes to something (I already test changing to resolved and confirming resolution,  and manually closing a ticket?) What else is it needed to enabe this deduction on the blocks?

Thanks for your help!