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Open Tickets on behalf of client.

Open Tickets on behalf of client.

Had a situation today where a client emailed a tech directly, the tech was at a client site and simply forwarded the email to the other techs. However it would have been much better if he could email the helpdesk and create a job on behalf of the client.

You could specify the client name in the subject box so that it knows who to assign the job to.

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If you use the email ingestion feature in WHD for your department email address, you could have your tech "Redirect" the email to that department email address.  The benefit of redirect is that it retains the client email address when generating the new ticket. 

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That works nicely in some situations. Unfortunately, that doesn't work in a corporate environment where "Redirect" is not allowed. (e.g., our Exchange environment doesn't allow.)

I would like to be able to do this...and can't use redirect. I'd like to be able to specify client somehow in my email.

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Sorry, man.  I think an action rule would be the way to go here for your situation, then you would need to manually change the "client."  You can forward the email to your department email address and the action rule would check something like this:

- If the sender email is <>


-Subject contains "Fwd: "


modify the ticket to

- Assign tech to <assign to yourself>

You would then have to click on the "Client" tab and unassign client.  Then, search the client (assuming they are in your system or LDAP connected). 

Once you save the new client, any emails or updates will go to that new person.

To help avoid future trouble, you may want to create an create an FAQ that has text like, "For a faster response, please do not email individual techs directly. Instead, please email our department email address at <>."

Or, take your Exchange Admin out for coffee and convince him to modify the policy. Hope this helps...


Level 7

Sorry, Rob. One of us is missing something...

a) This thread is not about specifying the *tech* the ticket should be assigned to, it is about specifying a *client* when reporting a new issue via email. You make the assumption I want it assigned to myself, but that's not accurate, nor relevant to this feature request.

b) The point of this recommendation (initial post) is to avoid what you describe above -- that is, to avoid having to go to the web interface, click on the "Client" tab, unassign client, then search the client, and save ticket.

Re coffee for Exchange admin -- the institution has probably >40,000 Exchange users. I understand and agree with the restrictions (it's a large institution). If I wanted to, I could work around it with my own SMTP server (to regain Redirect capability).

My point (and I believe the original poster's point) is, it would be nice if the product (Web Help Desk) could provide techs with a way to report issues on behalf of clients easily via email. Right now, there is no way to do it without getting the Client wrong (because WHD assumes sender is Client).

As the original poster indicated, it would be great to allow directives in the subject or body. e.g., [].

Level 9

Sorry, you are correct.  I think we need more votes on this feature request, otherwise the proposed "workarounds" are all we are stuck with for the time being. All I was suggesting was a workaround until this is added to the WHD feature roadmap.

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Having read the discussion, and your rational behind this, why can't the tech just create a new ticket by hand? Thus picking the correct client and doing everyone a service by picking the correct request types? This is a non-issue.