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GSX Web Services Integration

GSX Web Services Integration

I work for an Apple Authorized Service Provider and we use WebHelpDesk (WHD) everyday for internal purposes as well as with our business clients. Other products like JAMF and Lightspeed POS have the ability to check for warranty of Apple products and even create repairs in Apple's Global Service Exchange (GSX); but we don't use any of those. I created a Tool Link under Assets > Options that will open GSX in a browser and look-up an Apple asset based on serial number (<serial_number>)

I would love to have GSX Web services integrated into WHD. This way, I could look-up warranties and even create repairs/ order parts without leaving WHD. The API is documented at GSX Web Services but I'm not a developer.

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Hi  Chase

I have working solution/prototype  ready as per requirements mentioned as above .

Please let me know if still looking for the such solution.

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We are looking for such a solution



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I need that solution also. Pls pm me