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Create a child ticket from within a ticket

Create a child ticket from within a ticket

I'd like to see a button within a ticket to create a new ticket ("on the fly").   The new ticket would automatically be linked as a child to the parent ticket from which it was created.


What's the use case for this?

Level 13

Working in a ticket and i realize i need someone else to do a task that is related to what my ticket was for, but i don't want to transfer ownership of my ticket to someone else.   It would give the ability to quickly generate a child ticket and assign it to myself or to another team/Tech.  Since it would preferably be automatically linked as a child to my ticket, i could see status easily from within my ticket.

That makes sense. I've actually had a few occasions where that would have been helpful.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Level 8

We have found a work around on this issue. We have created a status called "create child ticket" and we have a rules that will fire a task to create a child ticket linked to the parent.

A simple button to do this would be really helpful.