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Client Pictures

Client Pictures

Level 8

I just had this request from My education technicians.

Level 7

This would be incredibly helpful for academic institutions.  We have so many students and faculty to identify.  It is beneficial for our techs to put a face to a name before providing support.  It also helps if a student doesn't have a photo ID on them.

Level 9

Agreed.  I mean, when you hover on top of a client's name in a ticket listing the client info pop-up box already has a silhouette image.  It would be great if that could be tied to AD photos.  Actually, I can't even see how it's possible to manually upload a client photo within WHD.  What's that silhouette image intended to be, anyway?  Is there any way to make it display something other than the silhouette?

Level 9

This is getting very old, we live in the age of social media and selfies. ALL TICKET SYSTEM NOW HAVE PROFILE PICTURES for the clients.
Your product is the exception!

Starting to have regrets choosing Solarwinds WHD. You don't even read your forums or implement any of it. Your 15th birthday could be your last.

Give us the option for Client Pictures either by LDAP pictures, or be able to associate client field to a location where it can be brought in to been seen.

Something better than nothing.