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Casper 9 Support in Asset Discovery Tool

Casper 9 Support in Asset Discovery Tool

We have just moved to Casper 9. There have been some changes in the database fields with the upgrade so it would appear that the Web Help Desk discovery tool no longer works.

This is one of the most important features to us in Web Help Desk. It is one of the main reasons that we chose the product over any other. I would think that most of the Casper

community will move to version 9. There are just to many important new features to not upgrade. We were in fact very late upgrading to 9. Since really just some field names have

changed in the database I can't really see that this would be that hard to implement.

We have used the Casper Discovery Tool for many years and it has worked great. The rest Web Help Desk works great for us.

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I can't 2nd this request enough. The asset synchronization between Casper and WHD is one the most important features of WHD. It's why we've stayed with it all these years and even continuing once it was purchased by SolarWinds. I will pull no punches. If this feature does not (re)appear soon in WHD, we will be forced to look for an alternative help desk ticking software. I'm actively seeking out competitor products that integrate with Casper 9 as a contingency plan.

Please please work on this feature. It's crucial to how our asset inventory and hardware repair workflow operates. Thanks.

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Agree with Damien. This is a critical feature for us as well.

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I think the 12.1 RC was released.  How do we get that?  How long until the actual version is released?

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Hi, yes you can download RC from customer portal. We appreciate any feedback!

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The Database Name field is missing. Was this intentional? Does the Casper 9 Discovery connection assume the name?  If so I am getting an error: peer not authenticated. I don't see this error using the Casper (pre 9) connection on the same dev instance.

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reason is that for Casper 9 we don't use database connection, but API, so you need to use Casper user to connect, not database user. Please consult also UI tooltips in Asset Connection settings to get more details.

Hope that helps,


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Got it. Missed those little grey tool tips. Used to seeing the bold blue. Nice feature.



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