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Allow 25 items for a check list

Allow 25 items for a check list

I love the new check list feature in 12.6!  But when I learned it is limited to only 10 items all the excitement quickly disappeared.  We need more than 10 items.  I understand there has to be a limit, but 10 is too little.  How about 25?

We are required to follow change management and check lists for things like Server Setups.  10 is just too few -- please increase to at least 25.


Agreed - most of our checklists are over 10 items.

Attempted to create 5 related checklists and associate with a request type ... but appears that only one checklist can be associated with a request type.

I would even suggest that in some circumstances 25 may be too low ...

Level 9

A potential workaround is linked request types.  So if you have a 50 step process, maybe break it into 3 linked tickets and group the tasks in the checklist that way.  You can do it with the limit of 10, but I agree with the requester that 10 is too low, and 25 is more reasonable for a general use case.

Another work around is to allow multiple checklists to be attached to a ticket.

Why not allow the admin to set the limit? What if we want 50 items?

Level 9

First want to preface my comments with the fact that we are getting ready to roll out Webhelpdesk in our agency and are migrating over from Spiceworks.

Limiting a checklist to 10 items seems to be arbitrarily low. Any tech helpdesk admin can tell you that most technical tickets requiring step-by-step process will easily go over this number. Case in point: new computer setup, system reinstallation, new user setup, server maintenance ticket to mention a few. Not being able to do this in the new system means we now have to double or triple stack our tasks.

I also agree that the option to set the checklist item quantity needs to be a settings option. Perhaps make the maximum number 25 or 50, but allow you to limit the number to what you feel your staff should stick to.

I would also need to be able to attach two checklists or more to a ticket. A new hire ticket involves at least two checklists in our case - new staff setup (AD account, permissions, clearances from HR, network permissions, software access, etc.) and new computer setup for staff (machine prep tasks). Not being able to do this once we migrate is going to be a pain-point for us that we will need to work around.

Level 7

I would also like to have more checklist items and would like the checklist item text field to be longer than 40 chars please.

Level 12

Actually we need it to be unlimited however, the way I currently will have to do it is to make multiple check list and attach each one of them them to the Request Type of choice. This is not a terrible inconvenience but if you are going to extend the list then make it 100. Thanks,


Level 7

Agree with others here that 10 items is not enough, but also don't think 25 is a magic number that will be sufficient for everyone.  Ideally this would be unlimited, but an admin-configurable maximum under ~100 items should suit most users.

Also agree with others that a single checklist per request is not sufficient for all purposes.  We generate a single 'workstation setup' ticket for all users, for example, but depending on the user/deployment needs we may employ as many as 10 different checklists.  We'd prefer to NOT have to generate several additional tickets for related tasks just to allow usage of the checklists feature.

Also agree that on-the-fly editing of a checklist from within a ticket should be optional and/or based on permissions.

Also, what's the word on 12.7?  So glad we didn't update right away...

Level 7

I would definitely say adding more checklist items is highly needed.  I'd also say that the limited space to type in a checklist item drastically hinders the usefulness of checklists.  I run out of ways to shorten or abbreviate things to fit in the limited character limitation. Might be nice to even enhance it further to where you can attach a document or detailed steps necessary to complete the checklist item.