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Level 7

my group tech levels


Is there a way for my level 2 techs to see level 1 tickets under their my groups, without adding them to level 1 as well?  Maybe I'm missing something, but I thought as long as the tech is part of that tech group, they'd be able to see it.

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Level 9

In their Tech Permissions settings, there is a field that says, "Limit to Assigned Tech Groups."  If this is checked, they will not be able to see anything other than the tickets in their designated tech group and level.  However, if you leave that unchecked, they will still not see anything other than their own tech group level under "Group Tickets."  To get around this, you can create a custom query that will include both Level 1 and Level 2 tickets that they can run to see all of them.  With that in mind, they will still not be able to assign themselves any Level 1 tickets (since they are not in that Tech Group) until they are escalated to Level 2. Good luck!


Thanks for this.  That's what I thought I'd have to do.

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Can anyone advise (looking at SW) what are best practices for creating groups in SW WHD?  With the installation I am working with right now, some find it confusing and not sure if they need to look in group tickets or tickets assigned to themself.  Is there a recommended best practices for using groups?  So far I'm not finding groups super helpful.


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