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Web Help Desk beginner

Just installed a WHD on a system and trying to tweek it so I can use it for POC in my organisation, but at present am trying to get the portal to be opened by other users but can't need help with that, is it done using url and which do I use

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Have you tried just pointing your browser to the ip/hostname of the WHD? 

If you configured SSL, you might want to add the https: to the url.

Have you made any changes to the whd.conf file, that might be altering your access?

tried that it doesn't work still.

Maybe you can help with an example of what the address should look like, or how you have done it

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We have ours as a virtual appliance, so we just installed, set up the IP address(es) and started using it.

The URL for ours is http://<helpdesk hostname>/helpdesk/ (or http://<helpdesk hostname> - both work) and that takes you to the login prompt.

Is your installed on Windows, Linux or a virtual appliance?

Can you use 'netstat -nob' on Windows or 'netstat -latn' on Linux (other syntaxes are available) to see what port are open?

Is the webheldesk running - check for webhelpdesk strings in Java processes?

Worse case point a port scanner (ZenMap) at your host, which ports are open?


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will try that out when i get to the office, thanks

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if you have not change anything on whd.conf file, then you can access by typing on the address of the browser the [IP Address]:8081 which same as http://[IP Address]:8081



Thanks Benar it worked like magic, now can I use a name instead of an ip address and port number

Also how can I get the WMI tool to work

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Stick said IP into either your DNS or your local host file (/etc/hosts or c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts).

then edit /usr/local/webhelpdesk/conf/whd.conf (sorry you'll have to look up where the Windows file is).

So that the default port is 80 (or 443 if you're using https)


Then restart the service: /etc/init.d./webhelpdesk restart