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Level 8

WHD Tech note "Prompts"


I would like to add a few "prompts" to all tech notes.Basically I want all Tech notes to say something like:







In order to get our technicians to pass more information along to other employers. I imagine that a simple edit could add this to my environment, however I do not know where to start looking. Any help with this would be very helpful!

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Level 10

I do have not seen the option to add this via the tech note but you can create a custom field for each of these sections and have them set as text so the tech can fill out the information. The tech can add a small why note and place details in the note itself.

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Yes this would need to be coded into the actual system. I was just hoping that someone was crazy enough to go through the process of finding out where the file is located that generates the Tech note box. Thank you for the advice, but having custom fields will not be enough if a ticket will need to be updated more than once.

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