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Level 7

WHD - Numeric Survey Responses?

Hi all,

My former helpdesk system offered survey responses that used numbers as answers that we could then cull an average for each question.

For example, an answer to the question " How satisfied were you with the amount of time it took to address your issue?"

We had answers that ranged from Very Satisfied to Very Dissatisfied.

Very Satisfied had a value of 5 and Very Dissatisfied had a value of 1.

We were then able to average the scores and see that we had a timeliness score of 4.87 for example.

How can I recreate this in WHD?

Thank you.

Doug Niman

Aiphone Corporation

Redmond, WA

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Level 14

The survey piece in this software is very basic and I don't believe that there is any way to achieve what you sre looking for. You can look for feature requests here: Web Help Desk Feature Requests as far as I can tell there are a few for the survey function but nothing like what you describe you may want to create one.

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