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Level 10

Tracking a closed ticket

Wondering if there is a way to track who closed the ticket if it was not assigned to them. 

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Level 12

Look in the Ticket History - for the line "Status changed from..."

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We want to credit the person so that if they close the ticket it will be assigned to them. I know it tracks in status thanks but is there a rule or a way to get the ticket to assign to the person that closes it. 

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For unassigned tickets that have been closed:

We use an action rule which check for techs is blank and status is "closed" to change status back to Open, therefore making tech to assign the ticket before it can be closed!


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we would like the ticket get assigned to the person that closes the ticked is assigned the ticket. is that possible?

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No, it's not possible as the Action Rules don't query who did the action only who the ticket is assigned to. Ticket changes are stored in the History, but you can't query the History inside a action rule. You would need to contact Solarwinds and make a feature request.



Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it. will put in a feature request.
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