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Level 9

Ticket Routing


We have a majority of tickets assigned to help desk then assign to a tech in a different group if needed. The issue is then the tech group the person is in does not see the ticket

even though a member of the group is assigned the ticket. Is there a way without changing the request type to be able to change the tech group on ticket so it now is assigned to

that group.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Level 12

escalation from level 1 to level 2 is the way


Level 9

thanks Comtcjm but it escalates within that tech group. We want to be able to send to a different tech group without changing the request type.

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Level 12

If you don't use escalation for other purposes, create different techs within level 2 of the same tech group, each level can it it's own set of techs. Level 2 can also include level 1 techs if required.

You can only align 1 tech group per Request Type, this is fixed by design.


Althernatively you could have an action rule, which picks up the changes of a custom field e.g. "Change ticket to team B", which modifies the level to an different level e.g. Level 5

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